How to delete your Fortnite account

You can delete Fortnite accounts by following the steps below. There are many reasons why you might want to delete Fortnite’s account. However, we suggest that you carefully consider these before making any decisions. Because the act of deleting your account is irreversible, it is important to think carefully before you make a decision.

Fortnite accounts can be deleted by deleting Epic Games accounts. Epic Games uses Fortnite’s platform to transfer data, save games and back up player progress.

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Your account deletion will also wipe everything, from game data to purchases. Fortnite progress will be lost, and Epic Games will not allow you to access any Epic Games games. Epic Games friends list will disappear and all downloadable content (DLC), such as Fortnite V-Bucks, will be deleted.

How to delete your Fortnite account

  • Click on your Epic Games username to begin.Account > General Settings. Scroll to the bottom of this page.
  • Next,You can delete your accountSelectRequest Account Delete. An email code will be sent to you. Enter it, and then selectConfirm and Delete Your Request.
  • Unlink Epic Games accountsGo to Account > Connected accounts > Disconnect.

After 15 seconds, your account will be deleted and you’ll be log out. In 14 days, your account will be permanently deleted.

This article can be used to help you if you get an error message from Epic Games.  This article can be found on the Epic Games support page.  Epic Games accounts are available to everyone who plays Fortnite. When you play Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch or Xbox One, an Epic Games account is automatically created. Your Fortnite player data can be deleted from the cloud. To delete your Fortnite player data, you must also completely delete the Epic Games account associated with it, including any digital purchases made with it.